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UTEFR would like to thank the generous sponsors who have made this organization possible:

Engineering Society Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Engineering Alumni






University of Toronto Students’ Union


We at UTEFR believe that first aid knowledge is a right. This is why UTEFR offers free, open training workshops throughout the academic year to all members of the University of Toronto St.George community who are interested in learning and practising first aid. By keeping abreast of your training, you will be nice and ready to assist with any emergencies you may encounter. Knowing first aid saves lives.

Additionally, many workplaces and professions require employees to be certified in first aid. As part of UTEFR, you’ll be able to keep your skills sharp through our workshops or joining our Response Team.

To join our team, please fill out the form below. You’ll be put on our mailing list, and be notified about upcoming events and workshops through email.

Request Coverage

Having a high-risk or high-volume event on campus?

We’re here for you.

UTEFR provides Active Responders for onsite first aid coverage at no charge to UTSG campus organizations. All of our Responders are certified in First Aid, and are annually assessed to ensure high standards of service quality.

Click here for a list of events we have covered over the past year.

To request UTEFR event coverage, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible to ensure our services meet your needs.

Note: Please aim to submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance. As we are a volunteer organization, we may not be able to secure adequate coverage for your event if a request is made with insufficient notice. Thank you.

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Event Date(s) (dd/mm/yyyy)*

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Have there been any serious injuries in the past? Are any expected? Please describe. *

Would the Responders be expected to patrol the area or would they have a designated location available? (Patrol-based or Station-based) *

Event Description *
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Contact Information

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Additional Comments

You will be contacted soon with a confirmation e-mail regarding your request.


 Free First Aid Workshops

Free training workshops are held every-other week, and are open to the whole UTSG community!  Our glorious Training Director Kaylee will focus on a different topic upon each session, so it is well worth attending! No need to pre-register, just drop by!

Workshops are suitable for all. If you are new to first aid you can be introduced to the fundamentals of different topics. If you are experienced, it is a good way to keep your knowledge and skills fresh. Plus you get to meet and hang out with other people who also like to help others.

To participate, please sign up for our mailing list here to be informed of the time and location of the next one! Locations of workshops are subject to room availability.

First Aid Courses

UTEFR does not offer First Aid courses at this time.

If you are looking to get certified in Standard First Aid and CPR, we recommend our friends at the UofT First Aid Society, who regularly offer SFA courses at significantly discounted rates throughout the year!

The UofT First Aid Society is a non-profit training partner of the Canadian Red Cross and 100% of their net proceeds are donated to charitable causes! Last year over $8000 were donated to a variety of charities!


Please direct any general inquiries to firstaid@utefr.ca

To join UTEFR or sign up for our mailing list, please fill out the form here!

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please fill out the form here.

Meet the 2018-2019 Executive Team!

Executive Director – Tijana Despot


Duties: Oversees the Executive team, maintains external relations and the overall vision for the team





Training Director – Kaylee Leyte.


Duties: Coordinates and facilitates bi-weekly first aid training workshops.





Internal Director – Pier Angeli Taruc


Duties: Coordinates event coverage, skills assessments, and maintains records of the Response Team







Finance Director – Yiqun Zhang


Duties: Keeps records of team finances, handles sponsor relations and funding applications.



Allen Equipment Director – Allen Duong


Duties: Maintains kits and reserve equipment, and coordinates distribution of Response Team uniforms.




Communications Director – Natalia Dziekonski


Duties: Maintains online presences, creation, and execution of promotional and branding initiatives.





2018 – 2019 Deputy Team:


Training Assistant – Kennedy Korkola


Duties: Assists the Training Director with planning and facilitating first aid workshops.





Training Assistant – Kelvin Cui


Duties: Assists the Training Director with planning and facilitating first aid workshops.