Due to the pandemic, we recognize that there no responder events to partake in. In the meantime, please attend our monthly training sessions!

April 6th, 2022: Unfortunately the vaccine clinic is cancelled again. Stay tuned for more updates!

April 4th 2022: We are currently recruiting for next year's executive positions! For more information, check out our Instagram page!

March 30th 2022: The vaccine clinic has been postponed to April 7th due to healthcare staff shortages.

March 29th 2022: Unfortunate news about the vaccine clinic coming. An e-mail with details will be coming out soon.

March 20th 2022: Thank you for applying to participate in the vaccine clinic! We no longer have any spots available. Look forward to the clinic opening on the week of March 28th with both on- and off-campus locations. Make sure to attend training!

March 16th 2022: UTEFR is partnering with the UHN to provide a vaccine clinic! This is a volunteer opportunity for any certification level (SFA, EFR, EMR, ...). Dr. Aaron Orkin, a licenced physician affiliated with UofT, will contribute legal and medical oversight for the clinic. Volunteers will gain patient care experience, and be able to administer vaccines. There are 12 spots for volunteers, and volunteers must attend a 5-hour virtual training session. Application link for those interested.

March 9th 2022: Stay tuned for an exciting opportunity relating to COVID vaccines!