What is UTEFR?

The University of Toronto Emergency First Responders is a volunteer organization providing event medical coverage in Downtown Toronto.

Our team was established in 2006 as the UofT Engineering First Responders by two third year engineering students, Norman Goh and Jessie Lee. Both were members of Skule Patrol, the first response team for engineers during F!rosh Week.

Having treated fellow students both during F!rosh Week and during other events throughout the year, these students saw the need for a first response team that would provide pre-hospital care for students not only during F!rosh Week but throughout the rest of the year as well. At the time, this need was not fulfilled by any group on the campus. Thus, UTEFR was born.

Originally only a small group of Standard First Aid and CPR-C certified engineering students, the team has grown into a much larger team including Emergency First Responders and Emergency Medical Responders and members from all disciplines. In 2011, the team was officially renamed the University of Toronto Emergency First Responders to better represent the diversity of its members as well as well its representation of the campus as a whole.

Who are we?

Our team includes over 30 active responders, with training ranging from Standard First Aid to Emergency Medical Responders. Altogether, we have over 100 members in our organisation who make this team possible.

Meet the Executive team

Ryan Yee Headshot
Ryan Yee


Ryan (he/him) is a first-year Biomedical Engineering Master's student pursuing a specialization in Cardiovascular Sciences. He has served as an Emergency Medical Responder, Manager and Evaluator on the Student Emergency Response Team at Western University, and is currently working as a responder and Shift Lead at several COVID-19 mass-vaccination clinics. He frequently collaborates with responders from both Western and our sister Mississauga team, ECSpeRT, and is excited to bring his knowledge and experiences to UTEFR as the Training Director this year. Outside of running UTEFR’s trainings, Ryan is also looking into increasing our scope of symptom-relief medications that we can carry at events.

JH Han Headshot
JH Han


JH is a third year Health and Disease Specialist student with a minor in Immunology from Vancouver. He joined UTEFR in 2019 as a supervisor and responder. Throughout his experience in first response, he has dealt with a variety of incidents including multiple resuscitations, spinal injuries, and other major/minor first aid scenarios. Outside of school life, he can usually be found flying small airplanes, skiing, and playing with his dog all over Toronto.

Howell Fang Headshot
Howell Fang


Howell is a 2nd year student studying Health and Disease here at U of T. He is originally from Vancouver where he received his training as a Primary Care Paramedic. Ever since high school, he has been passionate about prehospital and mass gathering medicine, leading him to his work as an event medic for large scale events. Back in Vancouver, he also worked on the front lines of The Opioid Crisis and is now continuing his work here in Toronto at the an Overdose Prevention Site. He is very excited to be serving as the training assistant this year for UTEFR!

Christina Tao Headshot
Christina Tao


Christina (she/her) is going into her second year studying Life Sciences and is excited to server UTEFR as the Communications director this year. Christina has been a First Responder Team Captain in high school and is currently a certified Emergency Medical Responder. In the past year, she server UTEFR as the Communications Assistant. Outside of first response, Christina enjoys listening to music, watching movies, playing badminton and travelling. She looks forwards to a great year ahead at UTEFR!

Muhaddes Mostafa Headshot
Muhaddes Mostafa


Muhaddes is an upcoming second year student in Rotman Commerce. He is excited to be a part of the team as the finance director. Muhaddes will be responsible for the clubs expenses, reimbursements, and transactions for the academic year. Muhaddes enjoys biking with his friends and watching superhero movies. He's looking forward to a great year ahead!

Nerissa Feng Headshot
Nerissa Feng


Our Constitution


Our team would not be possible without the following sponsors: