What is UTEFR?

The University of Toronto Emergency First Responders is a volunteer organization providing event medical coverage in Downtown Toronto.

Our team was established in 2006 as the UofT Engineering First Responders by two third year engineering students, Norman Goh and Jessie Lee. Both were members of Skule Patrol, the first response team for engineers during F!rosh Week.

Having treated fellow students both during F!rosh Week and during other events throughout the year, these students saw the need for a first response team that would provide pre-hospital care for students not only during F!rosh Week but throughout the rest of the year as well. At the time, this need was not fulfilled by any group on the campus. Thus, UTEFR was born.

Originally only a small group of Standard First Aid and CPR-C certified engineering students, the team has grown into a much larger team including Emergency First Responders and Emergency Medical Responders and members from all disciplines. In 2011, the team was officially renamed the University of Toronto Emergency First Responders to better represent the diversity of its members as well as well its representation of the campus as a whole.

Who are we?

Our team includes over 30 active responders, with training ranging from Standard First Aid to Emergency Medical Responders. Altogether, we have over 100 members in our organisation who make this team possible.

Meet the Executive team

Kelvin Cui Headshot
Kelvin Cui


Kelvin is a 3rd year Engineering Science student and is eager to serve this team as the Executive Director. He's been an Emergency Medical Responder since he was 16, volunteering for his high school, Red Cross, and Scouts, with over a thousand hours on call. This year, he will be helping out with training, as well as team direction and growth this year. Outside of First Responders, he can often be found fixing old cars, playing jazz, or watching the Vancouver Canucks. He's excited to work with everyone for the 2020-2021 year!

Keerit Kharpal Headshot
Keerit Kharpal


Keerit is a nursing student with the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing and is excited to serve the team as internal Director. She has over 7 years of first response experience through UTEFR, Odyssey Medical, and as a lifeguard in the GTA. In addition, she has spent the last year in various hospitals across Toronto working as a bedside nurse 16-18 hours a week. Keerit's primary duty is coordinating and scheduling shifts for the team, and is the main contact for anyone looking to book our team for their events. Outside of UTEFR, you can often find her volunteering, playing video games, or riding motorcycles.

Kennedy Korkola Headshot
Kennedy Korkola


Kennedy is a forestry masters student and has been with UTEFR for almost 4 years. She has experience with first aid both technically and practically which will aid in her role as training director. Feel free to ask her questions related to first responding, trees, or the great outdoors. She’s excited for the great year ahead.

JH Han Headshot
JH Han


JH is a 2nd year Life Science student who joined UTEFR just last year. He is also a lifeguard at a 100,000 square feet pool facility in British Columbia, looking after the safety of more than 400 people at once. Through his experience, he has responded to multiple resuscitations, spinal injuries, and other major/minor first aid scenarios in the past. Outside of his school life, he can usually be caught flying small airplanes, racing his sailboat on the water, or playing with his dog all over Toronto.

Eira Beryle Ko Headshot
Eira Beryle Ko


Eira is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. She is excited to be your Communications Director this year and help maintain the team's online presence. Other than first aid, she also enjoys reading, hitting the gym, and food! She is excited for the upcoming school year!

Ethan Lee Headshot
Ethan Lee


Ethan is an incoming third year student majoring in genome biology and economics, and is delighted to be the new financial director of the team! He will be entering his second year of being part of the response team and will be in charge of the club’s expenses and transactions throughout the academic semesters. He was also previously a lifeguard in Wales and enjoys playing basketball during his free time. He is excited to work with everyone for the 2020-2021 year!

Our Constitution


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