Sponsor UTEFR

UTEFR enhances the overall safety of the campus, its events and the people who live and work on it. We do this by providing low-barrier and affordable training to UofT students and providing first-aid services at campus events free of charge. When you sponsor UTEFR, you’ll enable a valuable club to increase UofT student competency and knowledge in pre-hospital first aid treatment, and also make a worthy investment that will benefit both the student body and alumni alike. We welcome both financial and material contributions (ie; medical supplies) alike.

Health & Safety
Invest in our students’ health, safety and well-being by allowing UTEFR to promote confidence and knowledge in first aid techniques. It has been proven repeatedly that prompt and proper administration of first-aid significantly increases a patient’s chances of survival.

Competitive Edge
First aid certification is mandated by many workplaces and professions. Your organization can help our students gain a competitive edge in today’s academic and professional communities by affording them the opportunity to receive Lifesaving Society and WSIB-recognized certification through UTEFR.

Branding & Reputation
Let UofT students know that your organization cares for their safety and well being. By sponsoring UTEFR, your organization is sending a message to other Canadian universities and other involved parties and corporate sponsors – that you care about the health and safety of its community. In addition, sponsoring UTEFR will raise your organization’s profile and allow the general student body to appreciate the support you provide to on-campus student initiatives.

To sponsor or donate to UTEFR, please contact Amra Das at director@utefr.ca. There are several levels of sponsorship with their individual benefits. However, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Donations can also be made at this link. Donations can be made to UTEFR by either one time credit card payments, or payroll deduction for UofT Staff. Simply fill in the donation amount in the box next to “Student Club Funding”, click “Add to Cart”, and follow the instructions on screen.