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Meet the 2018-2019 Executive Team!


Executive Director – Tijana Despot

Duties: Oversees the Executive team, maintains external relations and the overall vision for the team




Training Director – Kaylee Leyte.

Duties: Coordinates and facilitates bi-weekly first aid training workshops.




Internal Director – Pier Angeli Taruc

Duties: Coordinates event coverage, skills assessments, and maintains records of the Response Team






Finance Director – Wilson Wu

Duties: Keeps records of team finances, handles sponsor relations and funding applications.

Hi Everyone! My name is Wilson and this is my third year as a responder for UTEFR and my first year as Finance Director. I’m currently a second year M.Sc. student in Physiology at UofT. Some of the things I do include ensuring we’re on top of our funding and our team finance, as well as maintaining sponsor relations at UofT. I look forward to working with you all and I’m excited for the upcoming year!


Allen Equipment Director – Allen Duong

Duties: Maintains kits and reserve equipment, and coordinates distribution of Response Team uniforms.




Communications Director – Natalia Dziekonski

Duties: Maintains online presences, creation, and execution of promotional and branding initiatives.