UTEFR Services Suspended

Following today’s directive from the University instructing clubs to cease activities/events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UTEFR services have been temporarily suspended until further notice. If your organization had requested our services you will be contacted soon by our Internal Director.

Our social has been postponed, and our first aid workshops are cancelled until further notice as well.

Keep safe and keep practicing infection control procedures!


UTEFR Year-End Awards!

At the end of the 2017-2018 year, we debuted awards to recognize Responders who were extra awesome!

Here are the 2017-2018 categories and winners:

Meritorious Service Award

Awarded to the team who took on the most difficult to handle call of the year on duty and handled it with great valour and professionalism.

Sarah Dhiyaa

Katie Allison

Executive Director Amra (L), Equipment Director and Meritorious Award winner Sarah (R).

Service Dedication Award

Awarded to the Responder who contributed the greatest number of service hours for the year.

Pier Angeli Taruc

Training Excellence Award

Awarded to the Responder who exemplifies the commitment to further developing their skills through having the best workshop attendance of the year.

Peter Tao

Congratulations to you all and thank you for making the club all the more better!


UTEFR Elections 2018 – RESULTS

So another year is coming to a close and I feel so… old.. ugh.
But enough griping, here are the result of the election!
Your new 2018-2019 Executive Team is:
  • Executive Director: Tijana Despot
  • Internal Director: Pier Angeli Taruc
  • Training Director: Kaylee Leyte
  • Finance Director: Wilson Wu
  • Communications Director: Natalia Dziekonski
Whoaaaaaaaaaa, what a FANTASTIC TEAM!!! I can smell the greatness they’re cooking up already!!! Oh wait, that’s my lunch… oops! But I’m sure you get my point!
There is a vacancy for the position of Equipment Director, and so there will be a decision on how to fill that in the near future. Stay tuned!
For everyone who had voted, thank you for your contribution to democracy and giving your say on what you want for next year! 
And for those who did not get elected, we hope you remain with us as a valuable part of our organization!
Congrats again to the winners, you’ll do a fine job!

UTEFR at the IMSSA AWAKE Olympics

On Feb. 24th 2018 we were out at the AWAKE Olympics hosted by the Institute of Medical Sciences Students’ Association in support of Right to Play.

Right to Play is a non-profit organization which aims to teach children around the world valuable life skills through the power of games and sports.

We had a blast running a sports injury activity station in the Olympics themed event emphasizing the role of RICE (Rest, Immobilize, Cold, and Elevate) in the recovery of a musculoskeletal injury.

It was a fun and successful event in support of a great organization, and we thank IMSSA for having us there!

Executive Director Amra (L), Training Assistant Kaylee (R)



2017-2018 Executive Election Results


The dust has settled and the results are out! There have been a few changes to the dynasty and here is your new executive team for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Executive Director – Amra Das
Internal Director – Laura Best
Training Director – Megan Verrydt
Finance Director – Joseph Choy
Equipment Director – Sarah Dhiyaa

Oh my, what a team! I can’t seem to catch my breath, good job everyone wowee, whew! Getting a little woozy here.. Megan, give me a 5 lpm feed from the tank will you, thanks.

Thanks to everyone who ran, and remember as a member you are always welcome to work with the executive team to realize any ideas or initiatives you have for the club! Just holla!

It’s going to be a great year!


MSF Suture Workshop + Social

Big thanks to our wonderful friends at Friends of MSF UofT for holding a fantastic suturing workshop on March 28th for us!

From what I can recall, the gist is:

Using tweezers, open up right flap of skin at the wound, and push needle (fish hook) in with needle driver at a distance of 1 cm.

Open the left flap of skin, and push needle out from underneath, again at a distance of 1 cm. Thread the line through leaving a 1 inch tail.

Gripping the tail in the needle driver, loop the long end of  the line around the driver twice from the front.

Gripping the needle driver and the needle, cross your hands and pull across, as if you are giving yourself a hug. This should slip the loops off the driver and into a knot with the tail. Make sure that the edges of the skin are nice and tightly bound together. First knot completed!

Next, still gripping the tail: loop the long end around the driver once from the back, and now pull your hands apart as if you were Kakarot powering up to fight Vegeta (again). This is now the second knot.

Lastly, repeat the first knot and cut the long end of the line leaving about 1 cm of tail.

Voila, suture, completed! Now move on to the next ones…

*Disclaimer: This is purely based on the recollection of my memory, and I cannot guarantee its accuracy. I should also note that I was a sloppy mess during this workshop. Awks.*

Thanks to our wonderful MSF instructors who came out to us; Yousef, Alisa and Natalie! They are the most patient and friendly instructors ever!

Afterwards we had our semester social; Board Game Buffet! Lots of food, and board game fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to the event!





Stay tuned for upcoming events (Dun worry, I always ensure there are copious amounts of food)!


New Alternate Logo

Hello everyone,

We have a new alternate logo! This is the first logo alteration since the original was unveiled (I believe) with the club’s inception in 2006. Many hours have been spent designing it to be just right. We hope you like it!