2016-2017 Executive Team


Executive Director – Vivian Szeto





Training Director – Megan Verrydt





Internal Director – Melinda Fan






Finance Director – Amra Das


Equipment Director – Sarah Dhiyaa

Hey guys!! I am Sarah and this is my first year as Equipment Director at UTEFR! Some of my duties include distributing uniforms to Responders and keeping stock of our storage room. I am also responsible for ordering new equipment for the club such as an AED Trainer, V Vac, and medical oxygen to name a few. I have also been an active responder with UTEFR for 2 years and responded to events such as convocation and orientation week. Thanks for reading!

Communications Director – Henry Che

Hey everyone, this is my second year on the Response Team! As Communications Director I am responsible for maintaining the website and social media pages. As well, I am responsible for club promotion and stuff all the other execs don’t feel like doing. I study neuroscience and psychology and strongly believe that brains are brawn. I like sports in general but hockey and baseball are life. And pizza…… mmmmmm…….. nomnomnom…