2013-2014 Executive Team



Mason Leschyna – Executive Director 

Mason is an Engineering Science student in the Biomedical Engineering option. He has been the Executive Director of UTEFR for two years running.


Monica Li – Vice Director

Monica is a third year Computer Science student. She has been part of UTEFR’s Patrol Team since starting at UofT and was last year’s Internal Director. As this year’s Vice Director, she will be working on various aspects of the team. Feel free to contact her with any questions.




Gerry Ip – Finance Director

Gerry is the Finance Director of UTEFR, and he is in charge of managing the funds UTEFR currently holds as well as the club’s revenues and expenditures. He is a Civil Engineering student and is currently on PEY at Golder Associates. If you have cheque requisitions or want to know about the club’s funds, Gerry is the person to go to!


Krystle Pang – External Director 

Krystle is an Industrial Engineering student. This is her third year with UTEFR. This year, she’s handling promotions and sponsorship for UTEFR.





Amanda Aleong – Internal Director 

Amanda is an Engineering Science student in the Biomedical Engineering option. She is currently on PEY, working at STTARR, while serving as this year’s Internal Director. She has been an active member on the team since serving as the Equipment Director last year.

BillyBilly Graydon – Training Director 

Billy is a second year Electrical and Computer Engineering Student; he has been involved with numerous response teams before, and is now serving as UTEFR’s training director. This position comprises organising courses to certify in first aid, and running workshops to keep the team well practised in our skills.

PearsonPearson Wu – Equipment Director 

Pearson is a fourth year Engineering Science student in the Biomedical Systems Engineering option. If you have any suggestions for uniforms or would like to see more equipment, come find him!




Ian McKenzie – Webmaster 

Ian is a third year Mechanical Engineering student, specializing is Mechatronics and Bioengineering. He has been with UTEFR since his first year at U of T and is managing the club’s web presence this year as the Webmaster.