UTEFR Elections 2018 – RESULTS

So another year is coming to a close and I feel so… old.. ugh.
But enough griping, here are the result of the election!
Your new 2018-2019 Executive Team is:
  • Executive Director: Tijana Despot
  • Internal Director: Pier Angeli Taruc
  • Training Director: Kaylee Leyte
  • Finance Director: Wilson Wu
  • Communications Director: Natalia Dziekonski
Whoaaaaaaaaaa, what a FANTASTIC TEAM!!! I can smell the greatness they’re cooking up already!!! Oh wait, that’s my lunch… oops! But I’m sure you get my point!
There is a vacancy for the position of Equipment Director, and so there will be a decision on how to fill that in the near future. Stay tuned!
For everyone who had voted, thank you for your contribution to democracy and giving your say on what you want for next year! 
And for those who did not get elected, we hope you remain with us as a valuable part of our organization!
Congrats again to the winners, you’ll do a fine job!