MSF Suture Workshop + Social

Big thanks to our wonderful friends at Friends of MSF UofT for holding a fantastic suturing workshop on March 28th for us!

From what I can recall, the gist is:

Using tweezers, open up right flap of skin at the wound, and push needle (fish hook) in with needle driver at a distance of 1 cm.

Open the left flap of skin, and push needle out from underneath, again at a distance of 1 cm. Thread the line through leaving a 1 inch tail.

Gripping the tail in the needle driver, loop the long end of  the line around the driver twice from the front.

Gripping the needle driver and the needle, cross your hands and pull across, as if you are giving yourself a hug. This should slip the loops off the driver and into a knot with the tail. Make sure that the edges of the skin are nice and tightly bound together. First knot completed!

Next, still gripping the tail: loop the long end around the driver once from the back, and now pull your hands apart as if you were Kakarot powering up to fight Vegeta (again). This is now the second knot.

Lastly, repeat the first knot and cut the long end of the line leaving about 1 cm of tail.

Voila, suture, completed! Now move on to the next ones…

*Disclaimer: This is purely based on the recollection of my memory, and I cannot guarantee its accuracy. I should also note that I was a sloppy mess during this workshop. Awks.*

Thanks to our wonderful MSF instructors who came out to us; Yousef, Alisa and Natalie! They are the most patient and friendly instructors ever!

Afterwards we had our semester social; Board Game Buffet! Lots of food, and board game fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to the event!


Stay tuned for upcoming events (Dun worry, I always ensure there are copious amounts of food)!