2017-2018 Executive Team

Executive Director – Amra Das

Duties: Oversees the Executive team, maintains external relations and the overall vision for the team.




Training Director – Megan Verrydt, RN

Duties: Coordinates and facilitates semi-weekly first aid training workshops.


Hey Everyone! This will be my 3rd year on the team and 2nd as the Training Director. My job is to train everyone and review first aid skills and knowledge. I’m looking forward to implementing some new initiatives this year! I’m graduating from U of T’s Compressed Nursing Program this year and I have about 4.5 years of first responder experience. I’m very  passionate about first aid and caring for others and I hope that comes out in my training workshops.


Internal Director – Laura Best

Duties: Coordinates event coverage, skills assessments, and maintains records of the Response Team.




Hi! I’m Laura and this is my third year on the Response Team. As the Internal Director for UTEFR, I schedule assessments and shifts, as well as maintain responder records. I’m also a proud dog mom and PhD Candidate in the Institute of Medical Science where I spend my time imaging brains at CAMH. If you have any questions about UTEFR or are interested in volunteering with us, be sure to send me an email as we’re always on the lookout for new members!

Finance Director – Joseph Choy

Duties: Keeps a records of team finances, handles sponsor relations and funding applications.



Equipment Director – Sarah Dhiyaa

Duties: Maintains kits and reserve equipment, and coordinates distribution of Response Team uniforms.



Hey guys!! I am Sarah and this is my second year as Equipment Director at UTEFR! Some of my duties include distributing uniforms to Responders and keeping stock of our storage room. I am also responsible for ordering new equipment for the club such as an AED Trainer, V Vac, and medical oxygen to name a few. I have also been an active responder with UTEFR for 2 years and responded to events such as convocation and orientation week. Thanks for reading!


Communications Director – Henry Che

Duties: Maintains online presences, creation and execution of promotional and branding initiatives.



Hey everyone, this is my third year on the Response Team and second as your Communications Director, where I am responsible for maintaining the website and social media pages. Other responsibilities include creating promotional material for the club and taking care of any tasks other exec members don’t want to do. My programs of study are Neuroscience and Psychology – I love the brain, but unfortunately it doesn’t love me. My other interests include urban affairs, hockey, baseball, and of course food.

2017 – 2018 Deputy Team:

Training Assistant – Kaylee Leyte


Duties: Assists the Training Director with planning and facilitating first aid workshops.




Training Assistant – Natalia Dziekonski


Duties: Assists the Training Director with planning and facilitating first aid workshops.




Social Coordinator – Tijana Despot


Duties: Assists the Executive Team with developing community-building initiatives, maintaining team spirit.